About us

Thank you for choosing Village Tea Company.  We are a small and proud African American owned tea company dedicated to providing exceptional tasting teas at a great value.  We have spent our life's work researching tea, the benefits of tea and working to democratize this experience so that all could truly enjoy it.  

We commit to you that our teas are sustainably sourced, our packaging is recyclable and that our ethics are of the highest standard.  We live by our reputation and will do all we can to ensure you have a great experience with a product line we love dearly. 

We believe in innovative packaging and simplifying the tea experience for you as well as passing our love of tea to friends, loved ones and family.  

Take time to enjoy tea.  It’s your one moment to escape.  Village Tea Company: Slow Sips for the Fast Paced.

Please feel free to reach us at our email address